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Raven Klone, DVM

Dr. Klone received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Iowa State University in 2010. She has extra interest in orthopedics, surgery, and behavior. She has extensive knowledge of behavior and training techniques, beginning prior to vet school, to help clients with their new (or older) pets. She participates in and enjoys dog sports, as well as working dogs.

Dr. Klone feels that client education is extremely important to successful preventative care and treatment. Being a supporter of the local community is also extremely important to her, as a small business owner.

Outside the clinic she can be found having fun with her husband, two sons, & their horde of furred and feathered critters! She is usually outside enjoying nature by fishing, camping, or training dogs!

Jackie Heaps

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jackie is our head LVT. She received her degree from Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Ne in 2001. She is in charge of spoiling the clinic cats, in addition to keeping the doctors in line, and keeping the behind the scenes running smoothly!

She, her husband, and their cat, Sully, live in Lincoln.

Sawyer, Kristianna, and Sierra                    Veterinary Assistants

Nina                                                                             Client Care Specialist

Ashley & Anne                                                          Veterinary Technicians

Jessica Asche                       Client Care Specialist

Jessica is the one you will typically get to speak with or see first here at the clinic. She loves being the one who gets to "spoil" our patients without having to "pick on them" in the first place. She lives in Lincoln with her assortment of pups, cats, and rats.

Clinic Critters

Mary & Elizabeth were removed from the dashboard of a rental car by Dr. Klone! They stayed as foster kittens and, after a short stay as shop cats with Dr. Klone, came back to be spoiled as a clinic cat. They rarely venture to client areas but like to play with the other cats and toys!




Mary & Elizabeth

Clinic pets we have lost.


Bond was adopted from the ARL as a kitten, along with his buddy, Beef. He is not as out-going, but sticks around to hang with Beef. He sounds grumpy with his low meow, but he doesn't mind the occasional pat. He enjoys sleeping on chairs and sunbathing.



Clark was a geriatric Sphynx cat. He was adopted by Dr. Klone after being picked up as a stray. He required daily medications to control his allergies and asthma, so he was a happier, healthier cat living in the vet clinic. He loved to sleep under blankets, beg for food, and occasionally make people laugh with his silly antics. 


Lefty was relinquished due to severe GI disease. He was well managed with medication and a strict diet. He retired to a very cushy set-up here at the clinic until he passed away from complications of his disease.




Mama also came to us from Dr. Klone's new house. She is elderly and has some vision issues, as well as NOT appreciating the other cats that moved in! So, she enjoys staying at the clinic and being papered like the queen she feels she is! Pink pearls and all!

Beef was adopted by Dr. Klone in vet school. He was a clinic cat in Hickman and moved to Tomorrow's when Dr. Klone purchased it. He was a sweet boy!

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