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Wellness?    What does that mean?

Wellness is the care we provide to KEEP our pets healthy. Preventing diseases is always easier than treating them!

Wellness encompasses vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition, and the day-to-day life!

The most important component of wellness care is the examination. This is why we recommend an exam every 6 months. Our pets age much more quickly than we do, and this time frame has been recommended by top pet health experts to diagnose and treat changes before they dramatically impact the overall health of your pet! Our veterinarians thoroughly examine your pet, while talking to you and them. We evaluate their teeth, eyes, nose, ears, coat, skin, joints, heart and lungs, as well as their abdomen with each examination.


THE single-most effective tool to find new problems in your pet.

New lumps, bumps, areas of pain or irritation, abnormal odors or drainage, or changes to heart or lung sounds, are all signs of new trouble.


Some of the most hideous diseases can be easily prevented with appropriate vaccination. Our clinic policy is to minimize risks, assess individual patient's exposures, and to vaccinate as little as needed for adequate protection. Our core vaccines (Rabies and distemper) are done on a 3-year schedule. We do recommend non-core vaccines, based on your pet's lifestyle. Our protocols greatly minimize vaccine reactions, so don't worry!

Parasite screenings

Parasites are disgusting!

Did you know there are types of worms in our area that are zoonotic (infect people, as well as animals)? Gross, huh?

Heartworms are becoming more and more common, so monthly prevention and annual testing is essential.

Intestinal parasites put our kids at risk, so they are no laughing matter. Monthly prevention can keep the creepies at bay.

See why we recommend 

Sentinel Spectrum.

Body Condition

Did you know keeping your pet at a healthy weight is the most important thing you can do to keep them healthy? It reduces their risk of arthritis, cancer, and diabetes.

We'll help you determine where your pet is and where they need to be.

Check out this information on assessing your pet's body condition!

Dental health is more than just clean teeth. Have you noticed stinky breath? That's gingivitis and periodontal disease you are smelling, most likely. It means there is infection in your pet's mouth.

The bacteria in their mouth can weaken or age their heart and kidneys prematurely.

Routine cleanings prevent deeper infection and the need for extractions. Those are easier on your pet, your pocketbook, and your vet! More intensive dental care is sometimes needed to treat painful, stinky infections and unhealthy teeth, though.

Senior screenings

Our seniors are very special.

Age starts to sneak up on us all, but there are simple steps we can take to keep our aging pets in their best health. Early screening for arthritis, organ changes, and cancers allow us to diagnose and treat or start therapies to slow diseases.

Early diagnosis can add years to your pet's life by allowing us to make simple changes to support their conditions. Not only years, but GOOD years. Happy years!

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